Relapse Prevention and Early Intervention for People Suffering with Mental Illness

ABLmind is a real-time, e-monitoring mental illness tool making early intervention achievable. ABLmind supports self-monitoring, engages personal support networks, and leads to early intervention essential for recovery and thriving in one’s life.

Mental Illness Revolving Door

To better explain ABLmind, we identified the cycle (revolving door) of mental illness, post-diagnosis. We simplified the cycle into the following four phases: 1. Management – Successfully following a treatment plan2. Intervention – Treatment plan unsuccessful, relapse imminent, action needed to prevent relapse3. Relapse – Illness declined to crisis mode, professional help necessary4. Recovery – Post-relapse treatment, return to self-management with treatment plan

Relapse Prevention

ABLmind encourages individuals to succeed in the management phase by following their treatment plan in a fun and easy way. By simplifying management, ABLmind enables you to enjoy life’s moments.

Early Intervention

ABLmind alerts your support network when early warning signs of an impending relapse occur. With refined monitoring, ABLmind offers you peace of mind.

The road to recovery with mental illness requires an individual to be able to set goals and achieve them.  Individuals suffering from a mental illness condition often struggle with completing even the most basic tasks such as getting out of bed.  This is where ABLmind provides the missing link:

- ABLmind is an affordable and easy to use e-monitoring mental health tool promoting early intervention leading to recovery and thriving in one’s life- ABLmind provides real-time, self-monitoring of one’s mental health- ABLmind provides early intervention for you or your loved one by intervening before reaching the crisis level- ABLmind allows self-monitoring and self-managing of the mental health state- ABLmind allows a personal support system of family, friends and/or mental health professionals to help monitor and manage the impacts of the mental illness

ABLmind provides

An easy-to-use tool for monitoring, not treatment
Self-monitoring for consumers suffering from mental illness
Monitoring by consumers’ support contacts and mental health professionals
Early intervention by consumer, and by their support contacts and mental health professionals
Graphic representation of the consumer’s mental state throughout the day
Coming Soon to iOS platform
(iPhone - iPad - Apple Watch)