ABLmind is currently in development.

We are planning to release ABLmind on the App Store in 2020.

Who does ABLmind help?

1)  Individuals, post diagnosis, who suffer with mental illness

  •  ABLmind works best for individuals who are currently following a prescribed treatment plan and have a desire to stay healthy, but may struggle to stay on track.
  •  ABLmind is designed to help individuals regardless of the number of times they have experienced relapse.  This is actually where ABLmind can be most helpful!  The goal is to leverage technology to help reduce the probability and occurrence of a relapse.
  •  ABLmind is designed to help all forms of mental illness, including those with multiple disorders.  We understand that each illness has specific symptoms, effects or treatment requirements.  We also understand that similar illnesses can present differently from person-to-person.
  •  ABLmind is easy to use, yet supports a wide range of mental illnesses.
  •  ABLmind does not require a support network (friends, family, etc.), but it is beneficial to maximize all of the benefits.
  •  ABLmind can be tailored to monitor a person’s specific symptoms and prescribed treatment plan.

2) Individuals who support a person suffering with mental illness

  •  ABLmind allows individuals to add people to their support network.  If your loved one is having difficulty recognizing when their prescribed treatment gets off track, they may be more successful if they have a support network.
  •  ABLmind makes it easy to effectively support your friend or loved one by actively monitoring their real time condition and intervening when needed.
  •  ABLmind provides you with peace of mind knowing that you will receive real-time monitoring and notifications at the earliest moment.

3) Professionals who provide services or treatment for people with mental illness

  •  ABLmind helps professionals to actively monitor their patient’s real-time condition and provides an early awareness of declining mental state.
  •  ABLmind tracks numerous factors that directly affect a person’s mental illness such as: slight changes in their medication, poor diet, sleep pattern changes, lack of exercise, etc.
  •  ABLmind provides insight on what helps and what hinders a patient’s mental state with access to real-time monitoring and reporting.