ABLmind, the Life-Changing Mental Illness App
Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter
3mpathy Inc. hopes to raise $250,000 on Kickstarter to offer a real-time, e-monitoring mental illness tool making early intervention achievable.

Washington, DC – February 4, 2019 – 3mpathy Inc. announced the launch of the ABLmind crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter! ABLmind will provide relapse prevention and the truest form of early intervention for individuals suffering with mental illness. ABLmind will support self-monitoring and engage personal support networks essential for recovery and thriving in one’s life. For more information, visit ABLmind on Kickstarter.

With over 450 million people worldwide suffering with some form of mental illness, how can we help?

Introducing ABLmind – the first app that will encourage individuals suffering with mental illness, post-diagnosis, to stick with their professionally prescribed treatment plan in a fun and easy way, and engage their approved personal support networks to provide the truest form of early intervention!  By simplifying the self-monitoring process, ABLmind will enable individuals to enjoy life’s moments by guiding them to make choices aligned with their treatment goals. ABLmind will support the truest form of early intervention by offering real-time monitoring of their mental state and alert their support network when early warning signs of an impending relapse occur. ABLmind does not diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition.

Jason Travis, Co-Founder at 3mpathy Inc., explains, “In researching how to help individuals suffering with mental illness, we found that there were two critical components necessary to keep individuals on track:  relapse prevention and early intervention. This is where ABLmind can help!  It is our hope that ABLmind will bring peace of mind to individuals suffering with mental illness and their loved ones. We can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have their help in creating this life-changing mental illness app.”

ABLmind’s unique features are aimed at preventing the reoccurrences of mental illness relapse. The road to recovery with mental illness requires individuals to be able to set goals and achieve them; however, they often struggle with completing even the most basic tasks such as getting out of bed. This is where ABLmind provides the missing link: individuals will check-in via the ABLmind App, and based on their responses they will receive guidance and support throughout the day to help them stay healthy. If they begin to miss important treatment goals, then their support network will be notified to provide early intervention, giving them the attention needed to get them back on the recovery journey. For more information, visit ABLmind on Kickstarter or ABLmind.com.

About 3mpathy Inc. – 3mpathy Inc. is a tech startup based in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. The co-founders are experienced information technology professionals who have successfully managed and implemented many technology projects. We started with a simple idea, “how can we help our friends and loved ones who are suffering with mental illness?”  Our drive to be change agents for the mental illness community, coupled with our ability to leverage technology to improve business processes and procedures, set the idea for ABLmind into motion. For more information, visit ABLmind.com or to contact us, visit ABLmind.com/contact-us.