Over 450 million people worldwide suffer with some form of a mental illness.

Is that you? Or someone you know?

Today’s statistics are inconceivable, and mental illness is still on the rise.  Can you believe that most individuals’ conditions are not treated until they are in a crisis?  Many times treatment is denied, inadequate or just not available.  In other cases, individuals may not seek help because they cannot overcome the ongoing stigma of mental illness.  This leaves a large portion of individuals suffering from mental illness on their own with no options.  Sadly, our society is under the notion that mental health is not an issue.  Alarmingly, the burden of care has fallen on our judicial systems where public safety professionals are forced to handle, house and medicate individuals who end up incarcerated due to actions driven by their diminished mental state.  Don’t let this happen to you or your loved one! With the advancement of modern medicine, the sheer number of doctors available, and magnitude of research relating to studying mental health, why is mental illness still on the rise?

Why ABLmind?

There are few tools available to provide the truest form of early intervention.

In the United States, alone, it is estimated that:- 1in (1 million) adults and children suffer with mental illness- 1in 25 (10 million) adults suffer with a serious mental illness- 90% of those who die by suicide suffered with an underlying mental illness- 70% of incarcerated youth suffer with a mental illness- 64% of local jail inmates, 56% of state prisoners, and 45% of federal prisoners suffer with a serious mental illness

And Worldwide, it is estimated that:- 1 in 4 (450 million) people suffer with mental illness1- Global cost of mental illness is estimated at $2.5 trillion yearly and dramatically increasing

Suffering a relapse from mental illness can result in:

- Missing work- Losing your job- Dropping out of school- Losing your home- Turning to substance abuse- Being arrested for crimes you would not normally have committed- Alienating yourself from your family and friends- Considering suicide as your only option

Family and friends constantly worry about a loved one suffering with mental illness.

- Are you having trouble finding help for you or your loved one?- What if you could help a loved one struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other mental illness?- What if you could help your loved one before they relapse?- What if you could prevent a suicide?

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