Our Vision for ABLmind

  • Increase availability of affordable help to individuals suffering with mental illness
  • Reduce student drop-outs
  • Reduce the occurrences of missing work
  • Reduce incidences of job loss
  • Reduce the number of individuals who lose their home
  • Reduce financial impact on local, state and federal entities
  • Reduce incarceration rates due to mental illness
  • Minimize the use of jails as de facto mental health facilities

Why are we the team to get this done?

1) Each member of our team has successfully managed and implemented major information technology projects.

2) Our team has a long history of experience with various technologies.

3) Our team is motivated and passionate. We are driven to develop ABLmind because:

  • We have loved ones suffering with mental illness.
  • We have loved ones who have either contemplated suicide, attempted to harm themselves, or unfortunately taken their life.
  • We work in a field that interacts with a high percentage of people that suffer with mental illness.
  • We work in professions where the workforce experiences high rates of mental illness, due to trauma, including the military, health care services, and public safety.

4) We are respectful of all of the accomplishments and improvements made by the  professionals and change agents in this field, but we want more!

  • We are dissatisfied with the lack of effectiveness in current treatments and availability of innovative treatments.
  • Funding and services for people suffering with mental illness are being continually reduced or cut all together.
"We are going to use all of our talents to develop a product that leverages technology that not only fills the increasing void but also significantly helps and improves the lives of people with mental illness. We want people to live life without fear or experience any major debilitating effects of a mental illness. We want to significantly reduce the incidents of relapse. We do not want people attempting to harm themselves. We think they are beautiful and have so many reasons to live a happy and productive life surrounded by their family and friends. We are their family and friends and we don’t want to lose them!"